Eddard under Weirwood Tree




This picture presents that Ned Stark (Eddard Stark) is sitting near the Weirwood tree in the Godswood of Winterfell. During the Andal Invasion six thousand years ago, the Andals cut down most of the weirwood trees in southern Westeros, to suppress worship of the Old Gods in favor of the Andals’ new religion, the Faith of the Seven. The only weirwoods still in the south are the handful of heart trees that survived in castle godswoods that were converted to secular gardens, instead of being destroyed. Weirwoods also survive in southern Westeros on the Isle of Faces in Gods Eye lake, in the southern Riverlands. Weirwoods still grow in significant numbers, but only in the forests of the North. Beyond the Wall, they are even more prevalent. The area around the Weirwood where Bran Stark meets the Three-Eyed Raven is shown to destroy wights. It is stated by a child of the forest that they “hold no power here”, though it is unclear whether it is because of the tree, the reason why the tree is there, or some other factor.

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