Villain and Team


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This marvelous canvas art presents the villain and the entire team. Mallorie Cobb, wife of Dom Cobb is shown in the first part of the art followed by Dom and his crew.

Dominick “Dom” Cobb is the main protagonist of the film, Inception. Although Cobb is the master planner, Arthur takes care of the details, does the research, and makes sure everything is right. Mr. Saito is an immensely powerful and wealthy business magnate, and is the head of Proclus Global. Eames is an essential part of the secrecy and deceit within the dream world. Robert Michael Fischer is the target of the job offered to Cobb and his team by Saito. Ariadne is a graduate student at the École d’Architecture in Paris. Yusuf is the team’s Chemist. He creates the drugs that are used to sedate the sleepers and share dreams.

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