Three Warriors




This epic canvas art presents Legolas Greenleaf, Gimli and a another companion in battle mode. The background shows a lot of things shattered into pieces as a result of a fight that happened before.

These three warriors seem to be showing utter dominance over their enemies as Legolas is depicted drawing his bow to strike while Gimli is also holding his mighty hammer, as the other companion is looking vigilant with a wooden shield. In the course of the adventure, Gimli aids the Ring-bearer Frodo Baggins, participates in the War of the Ring, and becomes close friends with Legolas, overcoming an ancient enmity of Dwarves and Elves. Legolas and Gimli didn’t see eye to eye but eventually they became good friends. They even challenged each other to see how many evil beings they can kill.

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Framed, Posters Only


Large, Medium, Small


1 Panel, 3 Panels, 4 Panels, 5 Panels


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