The Seven Kingdoms




This canvas art depicts the seven main shields of the houses in “Game Of Thrones” series. Formerly known as the Seven Kingdoms, is the name given to the realm that controls most of the continent of Westeros and its numerous offshore islands. The first shield, “Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale”, ruled by “House Arryn” of the Eyrie. The second shield, “Kingdom of the Stormlands”, ruled by House Durrandon of Storm’s End. The third shield, “Kingdom of the Iron Islands”, ruled by House House Greyjoy of Pyke. The fourth shield, “Kingdom of the Rock”, ruled by House Lannister of Casterly Rock. The fifth shield, “Kingdom of the North”, ruled by House Stark of Winterfell, Now independent and active again. The sixth shield, “House Targaryen of Dragonstone” is an exiled Great House of Westeros and the former royal house of the Seven Kingdoms. The seventh shield, “Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers” ruled by House “House Tully” of Riverrun.

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