The Banishment To Himalayas




However, it turns out that Waternoose is in on Randall’s scheme. Because of the decline in productivity, he fears for the company’s future, and sees Randall’s machine as the only way of ensuring Monsters Inc’s survival. Waternoose betrays them, banishing the two to the Himalayas. The two stay with the Yeti until Sulley learns of a village down below. After an argument with Mike, he sneaks back to the monster world that way. Mike soon follows. They confront Randall and attempt to rescue Boo. The Himalayan scenes were also particularly tricky. The Abominable Snowman’s cave didn’t have a clearly defined ceiling, floor, and set of walls, so the lighting team had considerable difficulty getting the shadows in this scene to look right. Sulley’s sled ride and subsequent wipeout were probably the most difficult scenes in the entire movie, requiring the hair simulators to be finished and perfected before the snow particles could be brought into the mix.

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