Terrible Terror Dragon




The Terrible Terror is a Stoker Class dragon that appears in the How To Train Your Dragon (Franchise). The second smallest of the dragons after the Fireworm, the Terrible Terror makes up in ferocity what it lacks in size. Notable individuals of this species include Iggy, Sharpshot, Pain, Butt and Head, Sneaky and Gothi’s pet Terrible Terror among others. Terrible Terrors are about the size of a fat house cat or a beagle.

They are commonly bright green but a few are born miscolored (usually red or caribbean blue) and usually have a red stripe running down their back where red spines erupt. Their horns are red and are only three inches long. Terrible Terrors have big yellow eyes that are mounted on the side of their heads. They have good peripheral vision but can also see forward. The fire of a Terrible Terror is so pinpoint accurate, you might as well get hit with a sniper bullet. Their eggs are also the size of a full-grown chicken.

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