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This canvas art presents the movie title of ´´The Shawshank Redemption´´. The background is in pitch black refering all attention to the title of the movie.

A meek banker named Andy Dufresne is wrongfully convicted of murdering both his wife and her lover in 1947. He is sent to Shawshank State Prison for a life sentence. While there, he finds a friend in Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding. While at Shawshank, he is beaten and raped repeatedly by a gang while working in the prison laundry, and the corrupt warden and his lieutenant are abusive to Andy to the extent of commiting crimes on the way. Andy gets a poster of Raquel Welch and adores it, which nobody else understands. He tells Red that he is planning an escape, but only Red believes he can pull it off. Andy has hope that he will escape from the dreadful prison, a hope that will make him look into the very depths of his soul. At the very end, the warden cannot find Andy, and discovers that the poster of Raquel Welch was so important to Andy because it was covering the escape tunnel he was digging in his cell for twenty years with Red’s rock hammer.

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