Jurassic Park




The only film to actually feature its logo, Jurassic Park’s logo was designed by Chip Kidd as the official park logo that also served as the film’s logo.

It was based on the Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton that was used on the cover of the book. It was seen on the park’s Jeeps, the dinner plates, the fences, the maps and brochures, the projection screens, lunchboxes and other merchandise among numerous other places. Jurassic Park was the only film in the series where the logo itself is used in the film. Seen are the official logo, the same logo with a yellow background instead of red that was embroidered among worker uniforms, a pure black and white version of the logo decorating the ceramic plates used to s another one seen in the projection room that was the same logo, only with a fossilized look to it, as if it was carved in stone.

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