Gandalf The Grey




This vintage canvas art presents one of the most iconic characters from the Lord of the Ring movie series, Gandalf the Grey is shown vigilantly exploring something.

Originally named Olórin, Gandalf was an Istar (Wizard), sent to Middle-earth in the Third Age to combat the threat of Sauron. He joined Thorin and his company to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug, convoked the Fellowship of the Ring to destroy the One Ring, and led the Free Peoples in the final campaign of the War of the Ring. Olórin, like the other Wizards, took the shape of an old man. He was robed in grey and went about as a wanderer and counsellor.

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Framed, Posters Only


Large, Medium, Small


1 Panel, 3 Panels, 4 Panels, 5 Panels


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