Gandalf In Action




This canvas art of Gandalf the Grey presents him in a battle desperately trying to overcome the evil that is in front of him.

Midway through The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf is promoted to the head of the order of Wizards, and is thus named Gandalf the White instead of Gandalf the Grey. This change in status (and clothing) also introduces yet another name for the wizard: the White Rider. Legends say that Gandalf was given by Yavanna the Elfstone of EƤrendil, to bring to the peoples of Middle-earth as a token that the Valar had not forsaken them. He gave it to Galadriel, bearer of one of the Three Elven Rings and mighty among the Eldar, remarked prophetically that she would in turn pass it to an individual who would also be called Elessar.

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