Friendly Nigel


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Nigel is a brown pelican and one of the supporting characters in Finding Nemo. He is interested in dentistry and would like to talk about it with other pelicans, but sadly they’re not interested in talking about anything other than how dumb seagulls are.

Nigel was friends with the Tank Gang, and also met Nemo after he ended up joining them (due to being taken from his habitat by the dentist). However, he is usually driven out by the dentist shortly thereafter. Nigel later told Nemo about his dad Marlin’s attempt to find Nemo after hearing it from his pelican friends, which gave Nemo a new drive at sabotaging the filter. He is also annoyed by the Seagulls.
Nigel eventually meets Marlin and his partner Dory when they end up nearly being eaten by his friend Gerald, and after discovering who they were, he quickly makes Gerald spit out Marlin and Dory.

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