Lucky Red Tulips

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This magnificent Canvas Art presents seven beautiful Tulip Flowers. It seems like these seven Tulip Flowers holds a great meaning to the world.

Red tulips or tulips in general still grow after it is cut. It can grow up to one inch or even more. Aside from the color, the red tulip was believed to be a symbol for love because of one legend associated with it. and it also has symbolism in Feng Shui, that says if a person has red tulips around the house he/she will become famous or fame will come to them faster and also brings wealth along with love. and this picture shows not just Red Tulips, but Seven Red Tulips, this number is also a particularly strong symbol. In many cultures, it is considered beneficial and protective. Its mystical aspect opened the door to many beliefs and superstitions. Often considered that number 7 bears within it something spiritual, eternal.


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