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Ever since audiences met Daenerys Targaryen, they’ve been prepared to accept her as one of the show’s heroes, and it makes sense, as she’s always seemed like the virtuous young queen who overcame a number of obstacles including taking down her vicious older brother and freeing most of the slaves in the Seven Kingdoms while still attracting followers and acolytes with her strong message of spreading freedom and justice throughout Westeros and beyond. Perhaps Daenerys’ biggest downfall is her quick judgment and relatively uninformed decision-making skills, which lead her to either jump into battle or a new situation without considering the consequences after freeing entire hordes of slaves, she ultimately realized that dismantling the entire system so quickly caused even more problems. In season 7 in particular, her reasoning becomes more villainous, especially multiple scenes where she holds knee-jerk executions for those who have wronged her. Daenerys began the show in an incredibly sympathetic position, but may yet turn out to be the show’s most evil character.

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