Deep Bond




This heart breaking Canvas art shows how Simba witnesses the entire thing, wide-eyed and shrieking helplessly as his father falls to his death.

The cub then runs to find his lifeless father in the dusty, barren ravine. Mufasa’s eyes are closed, his whiskers bent; Simba, his voice hoarse, tries to wake Mufasa, pleading, “Dad, come on. You gotta get up! Dad, we gotta go home.” Eventually it becomes clear that his father is dead, that he will never get up, that no one can help. So Simba tucks himself under his father’s front leg, his arm, closing his eyes and nestling into his embrace one last time. This is the most emotional part from the whole movie.

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Framed, Posters Only


Large, Medium, Small


1 Panel, 3 Panels, 4 Panels


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